Sonos updating music library please wait

So i guess I'm supposed to wait by the sound bar for 24 hours until it's a little more convenient for them, nevermind that is very inconvenient for me. Sonos is a multi-zone digital music system which allows users to play their music through a network.When you use the operating system CD to install Windows XP Professional, Setup installs several tools with the operating system.Technology should make life more fulfilling, yet too often we don't dictate the terms of the relationship - our devices do.Related Information Using This Appendix Installing and Running Troubleshooting Tools Disaster Recovery Tools Application and Service Tools Remote Management Tools Disk and Maintenance Tools System File Tools Networking Tools Additional Resources This appendix describes the troubleshooting and maintenance tools available in Windows XP Professional.To help you locate the tools needed to solve a problem, Table C-1 describes how this appendix presents related tools.

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The subset of tools discussed in this appendix is presented in categories based on tool uses, such as recovery, diagnosis, and system file maintenance.

Tools are also described according to where to find them and how to use them.

For example, you can download a debugging tool or install Windows Support Tools from the Support folder on the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system CD.

In my first installation I used Sonos with a Windows XP system, but after some time I wanted to explore other possibilities, mainly by running Sonos from a Linux system.

While Sonos is very easy to set up and is fully tech-supported on both Windows and OS X computers, doing so on a Linux computer can be a different story.


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