Donna eden sedating triple warmer

My theory regarding this process relates to addiction work.One of the reasons women overeat is to suppress painful feelings and memories., she teaches her method of sedating the Triple Warmer by running the meridian energy backwards. To sedate the Triple Warmer follow the illustration: 1.Use fingers of your opposite hand to touch the outside edge of your eyebrow (furthest from your nose); trace with your fingers back over and around the ear; down the back of your neck, across the back of your shoulder; down the outside of your arm to the back of your hand; and finish by touching the fourth ‘ring’ finger at the base of the nail. Repeat at least three times on each side of your body.You can do this procedure as often as you would like.This Meridian tends to get revved back up quite easily when it has developed the habit to run rampant. Caution: if you already feel internally relaxed, DO NOT Sedate the Triple Warmer!Sometimes our bodies forget how to calm this response back down.

By many, fibromyalgia is considered to have no cure.In her book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden identifies the role that the triple warmer meridian plays with fibromyalgia.The triple warmer meridian is the meridian that governs the bodys fight/flight/freeze response.These flashes came out of nowhere and passed through quickly, but left us shaken and disoriented.Old personal issues were/are reappearing and creating momentary chaos.It is believed that during times of acute stress or trauma and particularly when these experiences are repeated over and over again the body becomes locked into a state of chronic triple warmer meridian overenergization.


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