Updating jailbroken 2 1 to 2 2

In his post, Windknown went on to explain several technical details that discussed specific kernel exploits that could be used to jailbreak the operating system.

For further troubleshooting with jailbreak issues,check out our comprehensive guide posted here for assistance.

The Tai G jailbreak developer team has just released the 2.1.1 jailbreak update, close on the heels of releasing 2.1.0 untether update for fixing Cydia Substrate issues in i OS 8.3.

According to i Download Blog, the latest Tai G jailbreak 2.1.1 update brings a handful of minor bug-fixes that are critical enough to warrant an update.

i havent updated my iphone in a while and i need to unlock my iphone since i'll be leaving the country in a few weeks.

i have an an jailbroken iphone 3g with 2.1 firmware and i'd like to update it to firmware 3.0 or 3.0.1 so i can unlock it with redsnow. redsn0w will not unlock your phone, it will jailbreak it.


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